• Fun, interactive talking world map
  • Just touch the map and learn
  • Learn more than just where the countries are
  • Learn about each county – the capital, the language, special sites and monuments, and much more
  • Map size: 35.5″ x 23.5″

The interactive map will talk you teach fun facts about countries around the world just by touching the map! You’ll hear detailed information about the capitals, flags, languages, locations and more.Learn much interest all about our planet’s fascinating countries and cultures at the touch of a button with the Talking Zanzoon Interactive World Map. Ideal for children ages six and up, the map can be played on the floor or pinned up on the bedroom wall. Pushing the country star, the children will discover more than just the name of the country. They will learn, also, to the capital, common language, site or famous monument, and something fun. Children can test their new knowledge with quizzes on the Simple and Super MapWorld or one-on-one to a friend in the Challenge. Interactive Talking MapAt MapWorld a Glance: Age: 6 + Requirements: 3 AAA batteries (included) offers 78 different countries children fingertips – and quiz them, also see more!. Interactive learning at your fingertips With the Interactive Map MapWorld Talking, children about 78 different countries at their fingertips. By simply pressing the star located in each country, immediately they will learn to name. Each star is shown at the capital city of the country, so children can sit on the capital’s name when it is learned. They can play the map on the floor or pin it up on the wall as an interactive reference. Discover hundreds of World Facts On top of graphics vibrant and colorful design, the Interactive Map MapWorld 1000 Talking facts and questions. Press any of the six buttons at the bottom of the map to learn the capital of that country, flag (all of which make up the map of the border), common languages, site or famous monument, and a regional site. You might be surprised what you find out! Test Your Knowledge children on their knowledge to work with Interactive MapWorld Simple Talk Super quiz and map. Each correct answer to big congratulations, though that gets a wrong answer to encourage traffic before moving on to the next question. The time limit encourages children to think on their toes. The quizzes are great for testing your child’s memory, studying for a test at school, or going head to head with a friend. What’s in the Box Interactive Map MapWorld Talking with 3 AAA batteries.

Zanzoon Map World – Interactive Talking World Map

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